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Taco Pete

The Compton, Watts, and South Central LA area on Central Ave. was in the1960’s known for the affluent communities with American Blacks owning and operating many of the local businesses from food, entertainment, farming, and other industries. The Jones Legacy of “Taco Pete” begins with a pair of sisters Gladys and Garthea who were known as “South Central LA” best short order diner cooks. When the then owner of “Taco Pete” reached out to start a new brand of food, Black folks seasoned ground beef tacos and burritos. He entrusted them to come up with a one-of-a-kind recipe, and they did not disappoint.  The recipe has been going for more than 50 plus years without ever being changed.

It was in the 1970’s when a pair of sisters first approached their nephew Mack Jones about purchasing into “Taco Pete” restaurants. However, the young entrepreneur Mack was uninterested due to having multiple businesses running at that moment. The sisters were however ever present and persist with maintaining their stake in the restaurant continued approached their nephew into the late 1980’s. It was June 14, 1989, to be exact when Mack Jones on his mother’s birthday became the Owner of two “Taco Pete” locations.

Still engulfed in other business endeavors Mack, allowed his aunties to operate the restaurant in full confidence. However, this was also Chuck Jones (the oldest son) first introduction to the workforce, management, and daily operations of “Taco Pete” a crash course. The Ladies of “Taco Pete” the keepers of the million-dollar one-of-a-kind seasoned ground beef continued the legacy passing it on to the next generations starting with “Chuck”. Our last day of high school was our first day of entrepreneurship soon to be followed by his younger brother (Aaron), son (Derek) and Aaron II (Aaron’s son) and youngest Chef “Ace” (Anthony Jones). Four Generations to be exact. Currently we are expanding in all areas throughout Southern California. Original Taco Pete will never miss a beat with the tradition and knowledge entrusted to them by their great-aunties and father. The Original Taco Pete as now known has reminded a stable in the communities providing simple meals packed with flavor, serving smiles one taco at a time.

We are the historic location 12007 South Central Ave L.A.Ca, 90059. Online ordering made easy through the website originaltacopete.com, Our newest restaurant is 3272 West Slauson Ave L.A Ca, 90043. 


Taco Pete

We Are the Best

Whether you love tacos loaded with cheese or your favorite taco toppings, we are passionate about making them as delicious and crunchy as we can to tickle your taste buds. We simply make the best tacos in the area and are known for our iconic soft shell tacos.

We are currently offering dine-in at our South Central Avenue- the historic location. If you are planning a treat for your family, please make your way here.

Taco Pete

Tacos just like mama made

At Original Taco Pete, ensuring quality food and maintaining proper hygiene is our specialty. When we get an order, we use the freshest and premium-quality ingredients to prepare your taco. We make savory and filling tacos that are mouthwatering until the last bite. Our lovingly made tacos are sure to make your day more flavorful.

If you are looking for the tastiest tacos we now have two locations and growing.

Taco Pete